Drydock 2023 has completed, but there is still work to do.

On August 15, we embarked on our scheduled maintenance that will preserve the SS Jeremiah O’Brien for years to come.

We are working hard to reemerge from a challenging year that saw visitor attendance halted by a global pandemic, and the home of our national monument displaced by the fire that devastated Pier 45.

Things are looking up; we reopened to the public, our first cruise during San Francisco Fleet Week was a hit, and now we head into a year where we will likely have one of most comprehensive maintenance periods in the ship’s history.

During this dry dock, we addressed the internal tanks and voids as well as basic inspections and routine maintenance. This is a continuation of the work started in 2017. This sets the ship on a managed long-term preservation path that ensures the vessel will be around for future generations to learn from and enjoy.

As we progress towards this milestone, we still need your help to keep things moving in a positive direction.

Without the community and our donors support, we would not be where we are, plain and simple. With that help we will keep the SS Jeremiah O’Brien sailing and telling her story about those who served in World War II.

Donate $100 or more and we will send you a segment of original World War II boiler tube. This piece of history was in service during the D-Day Normandy landing and the subsequent eight decades aboard the O’Brien.

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Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Robert Lariosa

Executive Director, National Liberty Ship Memorial