There used to be 2,710 of these ships, now only 3 remain, and this is the last in its original and fully functional form - the SS Jeremiah O'Brien.

The O’Brien has always been hailed as a lucky ship. She survived the D-Day landings, numerous voyages through submarine infested waters, strafing by fighters, and dangerous seas.

A month ago she narrowly escaped a fire that shot hundreds of feet in the air, burning hotter than a pizza over only feet away. Before the fire, like all of us, she was getting by under the lockdowns of COVID-19.

Although the ship was not destroyed in the fire, we have suffered significant losses, and we need your help. Times are tough for all of us.


These ships have impacted the loves of almost everyone in America and shaped the world as we know it. We hope that with the help of the many, we may continue to tell the story of these ships that turned the tide of history.

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