Drydock 2023 has completed, but there is still work to do.

On August 15, we embarked on our scheduled maintenance that will preserve the SS Jeremiah O’Brien for years to come.

These past years have been challenging for the Jeremiah O'Brien, with visitor attendance halted by a global pandemic and the displacement of our national monument due to the devastating Pier 45 fire. Despite these obstacles, there's a silver lining – we are now settled in our new home at Pier 35. The success of our last cruise during San Francisco Fleet Week was a testament to our resilience, and we eagerly anticipate 2024 as we embark on one of the most comprehensive maintenance periods in the ship's history.

During the recent dry dock, we focused on addressing internal tanks, voids, and conducting essential inspections and routine maintenance. This ongoing effort, initiated in 2017, places the SS Jeremiah O'Brien on a managed long-term preservation path, that includes continued upkeep with our ship's internal tanks and voids. Our preservation plan will ensure that the legacy and stories of all those who served aboard Liberty ships during WWII will live on for future generations to remember and learn from. 

As we progress towards this significant milestone, your support remains crucial. We have come a long way, but the journey is far from over. Without the backing of our community and dedicated donors like you, our progress would not have been possible. It's plain and simple – we need your help to keep the SS Jeremiah O'Brien steaming for future generations, ensuring that the stories of those who served in World War II continue to resonate.

Your contribution, no matter the size, plays a pivotal role in our mission. Join us in preserving history, in keeping the spirit of the SS Jeremiah O'Brien alive for all to experience and appreciate. 

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Robert Lariosa

Executive Director, National Liberty Ship Memorial


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