Help us get to Dry Dock

In order to keep steaming with US Coast Guard and American Bureau of Shipping certifications, inspection and repairs once every 5 years are required of the O’Brien.

Well over $1 million will be needed to take the ship to drydock, but this is the only way to keep the ship sailing.

  • Preparation, blasting, painting and coating of tanks, hulls, masts, forward and aft peaks.
  • Repairs to piping, propeller, sea chests, sea valves, rudder, tail shaft, anchor chain, zincs.
  • Tug assist to and out of dry dock, vessel inspections throughout duration of dry dock, safety checks, dockage fees.

It is a tremendous task, and we ask the friends of the ship—members of the National Liberty Ship Memorial, people who have sailed with us on voyages around San Francisco Bay, and people who are interested in World War II and the Merchant Marine, to give us a hand. Help us financially with our routine maintenance and our next drydock.

You can help support the O'Brien by donating directly online through Network For Good

You can also download and send in Download the donation form